Yvette-Marie Tziallas (YMT) (b.24.01.1990) is a Sydney based contemporary artist.

Curently Yvette is undertaking second year studies at Sydney College of the Arts, majoring in Printmedia.

"Art and drawing has been a constant thing throughout my life, and as a child it consumed alot of my time and captured my imagination. My art works have developed hand in hand with my personal history of bad health which subsequently influenced my interest in the anatomy of the human body, the composition, construction and deconstruction of it. My style reflects the way i percieve how we, as humans, are built using the smallest of cells, molecules and particles to construct a large, multi-functioning organism (the body). In a way we are highly complex internally, like multi layered artworks that are strangely beautiful and unique, despite the similarities we share in the ways we are built to function and exist.

"My art has become an expression of raw human emotion, influenced by my surroundings and my experiences in life. My drawings not only reference anatomy but appropriate many symbols, patterns and themes that reflect the abundance of cross cultural influences in Australia today."
Yvette Tziallas